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Twitter Client Review

Why Twitter Clients?

A new era of networking has been ushered in, thanks to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Millions of users worldwide turn to these sites to keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues, and many people are creating multiple accounts for personal and professional use. Twitter especially has revolutionized the way news is generated and the way people and businesses connect to clients and comrades around the world. Newspapers, magazines, museums, artists, designers, celebrities and fortune 500 companies can all be found on Twitter, offering weekly, daily or hourly news updates. Followers of these businesses and people may receive news and alerts before the information hits the mainstream media.

Today the powers of Twitter and other social media networks combine in a type of super Twitter management tool: the Twitter client. With brilliant user interfaces and access to all things social, Twitter clients such as Seesmic, Hootsuite and Twitter are extremely powerful tools, enabling you to be connected to the world around you 24 hours a day through you personal or office computer and mobile devices.

In this site, you will find additional articles about Twitter clients as well as individual reviews for the best Twitter client for your social dashboard.

Twitter Client: What to Look For

Ease of Use
Updating and maintaining your Twitter accounts and other social networking sites requires time, but it is almost an essential task in this social-media-driven world. Therefore, a Twitter client must be easy to use, allowing you to easily add friends, colleagues and businesses, track conversations and mentions, update profiles and send messages all in one convenient location.

The beauty of using a Twitter client lies in the power to update all your networks and profiles at once, saving you time – time that could be invested somewhere else. The best Twitter client will include the following features:

Twitter Management – A Twitter client should provide Twitter management that fits your networking needs. Most clients are packed with features, allowing you to view several social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Foursquare through one convenient interface.

Design – Managing several social media sites, plus your blog, other RSS feeds and news directories, can be a challenge. And creating an interface that allows you to view them all at once is no small feat. To meet this challenge, many Twitter Clients have a column design. This design provides you with distinct separation between all networks. Most also add the ability to search keywords or mentions for each site. The desktop Twitter client you choose should have a clear and concise interface, which will enhance the overall simplicity and feel of the specific Twitter client.

Photos – For many, the ability to upload photos from a computer or mobile device to their Twitter clients is a sought-after feature. Many clients will provide you with the ability to upload photos from your computer or mobile device to your Twitter client. This sought-after feature, permits you to share photos from TwitPic, Yfrog, Flicker or your own desktop or mobile device. Once uploaded, your photos can be viewed within your specific Twitter client, but those using other networking sites or Twitter clients will see a link to your posted photos.

Desktop Capability – Whether at work or school, you need to have access to your social dashboard. A Windows Twitter client such as Seesmic or TweetDeck not only provides you with a web Twitter dashboard but you can also download a desktop version packed with features, many not found within the web-based version.

Mobile Capabilities
While having a desktop application is excellent for home and office use, a Twitter client must be versatile. The best have mobile capabilities, allowing them to be used with an iPod or iPad, Blackberry or Android phone for opportune, on-the-go use.

Help & Support
Twitter clients are constantly being updated, keeping "in tune" with what their customers want and need. Many updates evolve from FAQs or complaints made by users. With those updates come additional questions and concerns. Enter help and support options. Every Twitter client application should have FAQs for users to quickly reference as well as email or chat support, a community forum and a user manual or simple "how to" guide.

Twitter management tools are ideal for tracking both personal and business profiles. In fact, when businesses use either a web-based Twitter management tool or a desktop Twitter client, their customers will benefit immensely. The biggest asset is the ability to provide real-time reporting, meaning businesses can respond to their customer's needs as soon as their messages or replies are posted.

Keeping in touch with the world around you, not to mention family, friends, customers and colleagues, has never been easier (or less expensive) with a Twitter client. Whether you're on a desktop or mobile device, you can receive automatic updates 24/7 from your choice of news, fashion and arts sources. Get the information before you read it mainstream. Track your own conversations and mentions. Keep in touch and be in touch.